Statement of Philosophy

波士顿大学 Academy 大学咨询 – Statement of Philosophy

The bbin娱乐平台 大学咨询 Office offers an intentional and in-depth program that supports students at all phases of the college search and application process.  Consistent with bbin娱乐平台’s core values of knowledge, literacy, community, inclusion, and independence, the office is guided by the following principles: 

  • We invite students to take 所有权 of the college process, which we view as a meaningful component of their bbin娱乐平台 education. 
  • We honor and value students’ distinct voices and experiences and want them to chart their own individual paths beyond bbin娱乐平台.   
  • We encourage students to embrace the opportunities the process offers for self-reflection and growth; we invite them to think critically about their values and their goals, and to consider the pathways ahead of them with open, 奇怪的思想. 
  • We empower students to utilize the tools and resources available to them to understand the changing  landscape of college admissions and to make well-informed decisions
  • We are committed to supporting, encouraging, and listening to students as they navigate a process that we understand can generate stress and uncertainty; when approached with patience, kindness, collaboration, and humor, we believe this journey can bring students a sense of joy, pride, and accomplishment.

Beginning formally in the fall of junior year, bbin娱乐平台 students work closely with the 大学咨询 Office through group and individual meetings.  The college counselors invite students into a learning process that moves both inward and outward.  First, students think deeply about their own strengths, interests, and ambitions.  Armed with this refined self-awareness, students are introduced to resources and strategies to explore the wide breadth of colleges and universities in the United States and around the world, identifying the options that will meet their needs and enable them to thrive.  

Along the way, college counselors provide a range of resources: 

  • thoughtful guidance on course selection and standardized testing, beginning in sophomore year
  • support and feedback on all components of the college application, including essays
  • opportunities to connect with the 80+ college admissions officers who visit bbin娱乐平台 annually
  • counseling on extracurricular and summer opportunities
  • programming for parents and guardians to equip them to support their children
  • dedicated resources for families seeking financial aid and scholarships  

在每个阶段, we strive for students to feel confident as they navigate the process and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead – and we feel privileged to be welcomed into their lives at this critical moment of transition and self-discovery.